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  •Providing Contemporary value added Career Solutions to Students
• Bonding Seamless connections between student community and business organizations Read more



Edexcel is education Support Company to bridge seamlessly the need of the student community with Business Organizations worldwide. Its vision is to enhance quality education worldwide and provide substantial value added Career solutions to the Student Community on the one hand, and provide high quality and immediate employable human resources to business community.

Edexcel is actively involved in

  • Organizing Career & Job Fair
  • Creating state of the art aptitude testing platform like e-mat
  • Providing Consulting services to education institutions from creating concept / business plan to execution.
  • Arranging collaboration / Association with Universities abroad
  • Arranging admissions / lateral entry for engineers & management students in universities abroad
  • Arranging high quality Faculty Support for educational institutions
  • Organizing Seminar / Workshop / Celebrity Seminars / Events for the benefit of the student and teaching community.
  • Creating strategic marketing plan / marketing tools like brochures / websites for educational institutions
  • Arranging tailor-made courses in the area sub skill & etiquette learning







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